Optimizing Google Shopping for Enhanced Sales: A Guide to Google Shopping Optimization

The capability to synchronize your Shopify store across multiple platforms provides a significant advantage for Google Shopping optimization. Not only does this automation save you valuable time and effort, but it also presents a smart solution when dealing with a large inventory of thousands of products. One effective approach is to sync your products directly […]

Google Shopping Repricing

In today’s competitive e-commerce landscape, businesses must take full advantage of every opportunity to maximize their online presence and visibility. Consequently, one essential tool for achieving this is to use Google Shopping repricing, a practice that can optimize product listings, enhance visibility, and drive sales on the Google Shopping platform. In this article, we will […]

Pricing Strategy: How to Win the Amazon Buy Box?

How to Win the Amazon Buy Box?

Are you aware of the fact that almost 85% of the sales on Amazon occur through Amazon Buy Box? The main reason behind this is the increased number of smartphone users worldwide. Moreover, if a product’s detail page doesn’t have a buy box, it may make your sales appear vague. Your sales page’s “Add to […]

5 Ways to Increase Your Shopify Store Profit

5 Ways to Increase Your Shopify Store Profit

The eCommerce space is quite challenging. Even for established businesses worldwide is hard to find new ways to increase Shopify store profit. They need to rely on some economic standards and strategies to ensure profitable outcomes for the company. However, this pandemic has encouraged retail businesses to sell online without designing a structured plan. However, […]

Velocity Pricing: Definition & Effectiveness


Velocity pricing is one of the essential practices for setting various services and product prices per their sales velocity. As it is related to the speed at which a particular product is sold, the slower velocity may lead to a higher price. Big data allows organizations to analyze various aspects of the business. It is […]

Google Shopping optimization – Best Practices


Shopping campaigns are always suitable for eCommerce companies. But to succeed, business owners must set up a solid strategy and understand how to create a Google Shopping Optimization for their store. A few important aspects can contribute to the success of product advertising campaigns on Google. The first task is creating an appropriate data feed; […]

Is Price Matching the Right Strategy for You?


Consumers are always interested in buying products at the best price. Therefore, price is usually the ultimate factor in purchasing decisions. Usually, retailers or vendors are advised to follow the price matching strategy that can improve productivity in the long run. It can further promise better productivity, higher investment returns, and enhanced customer loyalty. Studies […]

How does Lacking Pricing Intelligence Harm Your Store?


Pricing intelligence is usually about finding the most profitable price for your products on your online eCommerce store. If you are selling products online, you may also have several competitors in the market. In this scenario, it is necessary to have the right price for the offered product so that you can easily capture modern […]

How to Sell on Google Shopping with Shopify?


Reports reveal that selling on Google Shopping may appear as a unique product discovery experience for the end users. Google Shopping introduces a convenient way to handle research purchases along with information about various products, their price ranges, and associated features. Moreover, it promises more accessible connections to buyers from Shopify to Google shopping. The […]

How to Prepare Your Shopify Store for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shoppers In 2022

Cyber Monday and Black Friday

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are the two most anticipated and widely recognized shopping holidays worldwide. As they will increase the traffic on your store abruptly online, it is essential to start preparing for the event ahead of time. If executed well, these important events can increase your revenues by a considerable level. Stats reveal […]