How to Win the Amazon Buy Box?

Pricing Strategy: How to Win the Amazon Buy Box?

Are you aware of the fact that almost 85% of the sales on Amazon occur through Amazon Buy Box? The main reason behind this is the increased number of smartphone users worldwide. Moreover, if a product’s detail page doesn’t have a buy box, it may make your sales appear vague. Your sales page’s “Add to basket” button has become extremely important. Using this buy box on your Amazon store is not a challenging task.

What is Amazon Buy Box?

Whenever a customer on Amazon initiates a search for a product, followed by the “Add to basket” or “Add to cart” button. This buy box allows buyers to purchase their desired product quickly. Every product on Amazon is available from multiple sellers, and the detail page usually lists all the potential sellers.

Amazon’s algorithm has complete control over whose product must be listed in that box so that customers can trust that the recommendation is coming from the top-tier service of Amazon. Sellers do their best to meet the standards as the algorithm analyzes various factors such as prices, item conditions, fulfillment methods, product availability, and customer service.

Why do business owners need to make efforts to win magical boxes?

Over the years, mobile shopping has become the prime preference of buyers across the world. It can be recognized as the most important call to action button on the sales page. Winning the Buy Box can boost the chances of making a successful sale oBuyingse days prefer to purchase through this. 

To become eligible for a buy box on Amazon, you can start using the amazon price tracking system. The offer is available for sellers having subscription-based selling accounts. Also, you need to pay more attention to account health and should keep on selling new items. Try to maintain a strong history of successful sales on Amazon and ensure the products are always available. The most important factors to winning a buy box on Amazon are the fulfillment method, landed price, shipping time, stock availability, order defect rate, prime seller, feedback score, and customer response time. You can start using Shopify price tracking software to win over the competitors on this selling platform.