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5 Ways to Spy on Your Competition On Shopify

In order to find your edge in the E-commerce industry, it is always necessary to find a way to step ahead of your competition on Shopify. To succeed with your goals, you should first make competitor discoveries and then spy on them to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

1. Use Google to identify your competition on Shopify

The great news is that there are several potential tools that you can use to spy on your competition on Shopify. A few of them are listed below to help you step ahead of your biggest competitors:

There are more than 600,000 merchants that are selling products actively on the Shopify platform. If you are also among them, you may need to find a reliable way to identify your competitors in this list. Well, to do this, you need to type site: and then insert the primary phrase or keyword associated with your brand or niche. Soon it will display a long list of other merchants that are working actively in your domain area.

2. Use Wappalyzer Extension to Spy on Your Rivals

Once you have obtained the list of competitors, the next task is to know about their preferred eCommerce platform. One of the best recommendations from experts is the Wappalyzer extension that works on Firefox and Chrome with ease. It can help you analyze which apps and platforms your competitors are using. This information can further assist you in making decisions about how to prove your brand impression among all. 

3. Spy on Facebook Info and Ads of your Competitors

You may consider it a sneaky idea, but the great news is that Facebook has recently made these details accessible to all. To get the best information on your competitors’ social media updates and ad strategies, you need to access their Facebook page. There you can see active campaigns of the competitive brand and the information on when their Facebook page was created and edited. Other than this, you may also come to know about page managers. You can also lead a competitor’s price monitoring to understand market conditions.

4. Identify Your Competitors’ Diamond SKUs

Diamond SKUs can be better defined as top-selling products that are sold in various Shopify stores. As advanced tools make it easier to monitor the best sales products of the competitors. you can develop your pricing strategy and product launch ideas accordingly. Diamond SKU analysis may also help you know if your competitors are using Amazon or other popular marketplaces to sell their products or not. In this way, you can identify new potential channels to target the audience base.

5. Use Reverse Image Search to identify the target locations of your competition on Shopify

When you know about the target areas where your customers are selling, you can conduct a reverse image search on Google. The latest search engine feature allows users to initiate a search based on some product image or brand logo and can soon bring out all the relevant links to boost their knowledge base. It will quickly help you identify potential areas that you are missing to target with your competitive product.

These simple tips and tricks to identify your competition on Shopify can soon help you establish a solid brand impression online.