Stay Ahead of the Game with Market and Competitor Insights

Expand your brand visibility, channel more traffic to your Shopify store, and increase your sales with Intelis! 

Optimize Your Shopify Store Effortlessly

We enable you to play at an enterprise-level at a fraction of the price. Automatically optimize your entire online store based on market trends and competitor intelligence that is relevant to your online business.


Why Online Stores Around the World Choose Intelis

Fully Automatic

No lengthy onboarding process and our solution optimize your store automatically!

Comprehensive Competitor Selection

Easily select competitors with full marketplace support or add custom competitors as needed.

Data You Can Work With

Make decisions based on actual competitor pricing strategies and consumer behavior rather than a hunch.

Powerful AI Analytics

Automatically match and analyze competitor products with our powerful AI search algorithm.

Do You Want To Boost Your Ecommerce Business?

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